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Diamond Head Hike

Diamond Head Hike Information

Who ever thought that one could get sober and have the opportunity to hike up a U.S. National Natural Landmark on the Eastern edge of Waikiki’s gorgeous and picturesque coastline? Certainly not me. If this interests you at all, read on…and, if you plan to attend please pre-register using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Diamond Head, also known as Kaimana Hila or Le’ahi (the brow of the tuna) is the most recognizable landmark in Hawaii. It is a “perfect example of a volcanic tuff cone,” believed to have formed about 200,000 years ago in a single brief and violent eruption. The total elevation is roughly 762 ft (232 m). It is said that western explorers and traders in the early 1800’s mistook the calcite crystals in the rocks on the slopes for diamonds, hence “Diamond Head” became the common name for the crater.

Hike Leahi

From the trailhead to the summit, you will hike 0.8 mile (1.3 km) one way and climb 560 ft (171 m) from the crater floor. The trail is of moderate difficulty and follows an uneven & steep terrain, therefore caution is required during the duration of the hike. Portions of the trail involve walking thru a lit tunnel and a steep, spiral staircase. The duration of your hike will be about 45 minutes to 1 hour, per way. It is suggested to wear good walking shoes, bring water, and wear a hat and sunscreen.

If you want to participate in this optional activity, please purchase a coupon at our coupon desk and sign up at our activities table. A nominal fee (the cost of your coupon), which will be determined at a later date, includes your bus transportation, your park fee, and a bottled water. We offer one hike per convention on either Friday or Saturday. Departure from the hotel is tentatively set for 5:30am to assure

Diamond Head Crater Aerial View

Imagine watching the sunrise from atop this geological masterpiece and enjoying a meeting upon its summit! I’m excited already! See you there and don’t forget your cameras.

For more information about the Diamond Head trail please check the State DLNR page and the brochure found below.

Please sign-up or confirm and pay for your hike at the convention. Our online preregistration has closed.

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